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SPARTAN (2004) ***

I like David Mamet's style of writing. It's very talky, the dialogue is somewhat quirky and out of the ordinary, and doesn't always seem natural. Some actors can make it work, while others don't. I normally like Val Kilmer very much. And I liked him in this movie, but his delivery sometimes seemed awkward.

That aside, I liked this film about a military man turned CIA who's brought in to help rescue the kidnapped daughter of the president. And racing against the clock trying to get to the girl before the press gets wind that she's missing. The plot twists and turns quite a bit and kept me intrigued. It was interesting to see a man trained to obey all orders at all cost struggle and start to think for himself.

It wasn't a tremendously new story, but it felt like it had a bit of a new spin on it, I can't quite explain why. The movie was quite tense and really drew you into the beat-the-clock energy of the investigation.