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STRIKE! (1998) ***1/2

Upon learning that their all-girl school might be going co-ed the following year, several girls take it upon themselves to try to sabotage the deal. Not everyone is displeased with the decision and groups of friends are torn apart.

Having gone to an all-boys high school. I can relate to both side of the argument, although in 1963, I can see how if girls wanted to get a better education and be given a voice, co-education probably wasn't the best route. Although times have changed, but the quality of education from private, single-sex schools, still seem to be higher than public coxed school.

I found this movie really funny, it was quite a surprise. There are lots of really great lines, and some hilarious slapstick comedy. The soundtrack is pretty cool too, with lots of music from the early 60s, of course it helps that the movie is set in 1963. It's very good for a few laughs. Keep an eye on the up-and-coming cast including Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffmann, Rachael Leigh Cook, Tom Guiry, Monica Keena, Vincent Kartheiser, Matthew Lawrence, and Heather Matarazzo.

Here's an interesting note. The Official Site calls the film ALL I WANNA DO. I'm guessing that that was the working title before they went with STRIKE!

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