FBMR - The Matrix Reloaded
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This second movie in THE MATRIX series is very story-heavy, and at times quite confusing. There is so much thrown at you it’s hard to absorb all at once. I’m still not sure I get it all, either. It does answer some questions, but like Neo, we never quite get the questions we ask answered in a way we can completely understand them. In fact, it almost seems like we have to answer our own questions with the wealth of information that we’re bombarded with. An action-sci-fi flick that requires you to think? Who knew?

One of the noticeable differences in this film from THE MATRIX is that there is much less gun-play, and more hand-to-hand combat and martial arts and sword fighting. There was a crazy car chase that I don’t recall THE MATRIX having, either … which is good because I wouldn’t have wanted both movies to have been the same. It has a different feel about it.

Again, though, the special effects are mind-numbing, but at times felt a little like I was watching someone playing an elaborate video game. In important piece in the series and if you’re a sci-fi fan, it shouldn’t be missed.