FBMR - The Matrix Revolutions
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Whereas THE MATRIX RELOADED was very story-heavy, this third instalment was action-heavy ... almost too story-light. The effects are fantastic, as usual. Theyíve gone back to more gunplay as opposed to the swordplay of THE MATRIX RELOADED. It feels more like THE MATRIX, but never reaches that level. THE MATRIX revolutionized sci-fi movies and has now become the norm. The following two films didnít raise the bar but seemed quite content with the status quo.

If youíre watching this movie for brilliant acting, you wonít find it, although I didnít think anyone was really poor, just not outstanding. But then again, when do sci-fi movies have outstanding acting? Not often. Itís the visual feast that should be noted, and a chance for some escapism. Itís a lot of fun to watch even though I still didnít quite ďgetĒ everything in the series. There are still lots of questions that may or may not ever be answered. Definitely worth seeing if youíre into this kind of thing.