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THE SKULLS (2000) **1/2

So, there are these secret societies on just about every College campus, but the funny thing is everyone happens to know about them. In fact, the secret society of The Skulls has a huge building to itself, and they have their symbol on the roof, letting everyone on campus know that thatís where they meet. It doesnít sound very secret to me. The secrets actually refer to the fact that members are not allowed to discuss anything that goes on in the society. They are highly elitist and itís rumoured that the CIA was formed within the societyís walls. If itís so secret, why would they make a movie explaining in detail the goings-on of the society?

Despite my cynicism, I liked this movie. It could have been better, but it wasnít bad. I liked this movie right from the start when I found out that Joshua Jacksonís character was named Lucas, and he wasnít a creep or a wimp (like previous fictitious characters named Lucas). Heís an orphan who is now studying at Yale. Having no money to pursue Law School his secret ambition is to join The Skulls, thereby solving his financial trouble, and being accepted into a very powerful group of people.

After a fellow student is killed, The Skulls cover it up, but Lucas, being the upstanding citizen he is, wants to know the truth, and wants justice. Similar to ENEMY OF THE STATE, every move is monitored, and he is perpetually being chased. There are genuinely suspenseful moments, and some very interesting twists that help keep the thin plot moving. The final scenes are a little silly, and I was left somewhat unsatisfied with the way the film ended.

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