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TRADING PLACES (1983) ***1/2

Iíve lost track of how many times Iíve seen this movie. Iíve seen it on video, and Iíve seen it one TV. Whenever itís on, I just have to watch it. Of course, on TV, with all the swearing dubbed over, itís not quite the same, but itís still enjoyable. This movie, uncut, is really, really funny. It is one of both Dan Aykroydís and Eddie Murphyís best movies. They donít have too many scenes together, but the ones they do are very good. And their scenes with the other characters are very funny as well. Itís great!

Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) is a big-shot executive at a huge brokerage firm. Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) is a third-rate wannabe con-man, whoís never been given a break. The Dukes, played impeccably by Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche, decide do a little experiment. They bail Billy Ray out of prison and give him Louisí house, butler, and job (which they all own anyhow), while at the same time frame Louis for theft and drug dealing, leaving him homeless, friendless, and fundless. The Dukes then bet on whether genetics will win over environment. Seeing Billy Ray and Louis in each otherís ďworldsĒ is quite funny. Louis is the perfect snooty snob, and Billy Ray is a down-to-earth, albeit wise-cracking guy who sees what itís like to have more money than he knows what to do with.

The movie is a bit dated, but thatís part of its charm. There are some great little moments in this movie. Itís one of those movies that get better the more you see it. So, see it of youíve never seen it before, and watch it again, if you have.

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