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WOO (1998) ***

Tony Davidson, playing a similar character to the one he played in BOOTY CALL, and Jada Pinkett Smith star in this movie about finding the right someone for you. These two characters could not be more different and when they eventually go out on a date everything that could go wrong, does, quite humorously too. Misunderstandings, jumping to conclusions, confrontations, you name it, it happens. It's the date from hell, and since itís not happening to you, itís funny.

Davidsonís character also has a group of rowdy friends who continually rile him because he doesnít act like the "dogs" that they are. Thereís a funny scene where Pinkett Smith vouches for them in a popular night club. Itís a nice date movie because youíre almost guaranteed to have a better night than Davidson and Pinkett Smith.

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