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X-MEN (2000) ***1/2

As a film adaptation of a comic book and cartoon series, this film is one of the best. Although the trailer lead me to believe that this was going to be an action movie, which it isn't, I really enjoyed it. The special effects that demonstrated the mutants' powers were really well done. I also found the script to be very well written. It was hip, smart, and quite funny at times, but not silly or cheesy.

Just as apes are believed to have evolved into humans, humans are now beginning to mutate and evolve themselves. These mutants have special powers. Some can walk through walls, others and read and control minds, some have the strength and senses of animals, whiles others still have the ability to transform into other beings. The rest of the human population is frightened of these mutants and some high level politicians want all known mutants to be registered. This stirs up quite a debate among humans and mutants. Magneto, who can bend metal with his mind, despises the humans and wants to get rid of them. He has assembled a band of mutants who want to destroy all humans. He feels isolated and rejected and at the same time superior. Professor Xavier, who can read and control minds, wants humans and mutants to live in harmony. He too has his followers who want to protect both mutants and humans. They are the X-Men.

The casting for this film was really good. Patrick Stewart seems to have been born to play Xavier, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was incredible, and Ian McKellan plays Magneto brilliantly. The rest of the cast is also fantastic. Keeping true to most of the recent superhero films, the costumes are different from the original comic book and cartoon ones, but in this film, a funny reference is made to these early costumes. Very clever.

With the success of this movie, with it's ending left open for another film, I am looking forward to many more adventures of the X-Men.

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