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KISS ME KATE (1953) ***

This is a musical adaptation of the Shakespeare classic THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. It's about a theatre company whose putting on the musical, but the actors act towards each other very much the way their respective characters would. It's an interesting parallel.

The songs are fun and lively, especially the "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" number, and the dancing is very good (choreographer Bob Fosse even plays one of Bianca's suitors). There are songs that are incorporated into the stage musical as well as numbers performed out off stage.

Much like 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU updates the scenarios of the famous play, this musical is unmistakably set in the 50s. It's a great Sunday afternoon movie, and is a pleasure to watch.

n.b. The picture to the right is actually from the Broadway show, and not from the film.

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