FBMR - The Empire Strikes Back
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Argued to be the best in the original trilogy, there are parts of this second STAR WARS movie that I love and some that I find drag. This instalment, episode five, introduces my favourite piece of original soundtrack music in the Imperial March. It is supremely ominous and powerful. Every time I hear it, I feel excited.

I really like the dark feel this film has. The rebels had to find a new secret base. This takes them to the Hoth system, but the Empire soon finds them and attacks. The Empire is strong in this episode, and has the rebels scrambling. Luke Skywalker finds himself in the swampy Degobah system where he trains with Yoda, a Jedi Master. These scenes I often find drag, although the initial meeting is quite humorous. Frank Oz, veteran Muppet performer, voices Yoda brilliantly. Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO flee the clutch of the Imperial forces and seek refuge in Cloud City. Through out the film, we feel like the fist of the Empire continues to tighten around the Rebel Alliance, but never seems to have a firm grip.

On its own, this movie might seem a little confusing, not really having a beginning or an ending, so I recommend viewing STAR WARS first, and then RETURN OF THE JEDI afterwards at some point. Great effects, snappy writing, cool revelations and foreshadowing.